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Remember to keep all
pumps properly labeled
(especially when refacing
or replacing pumps).

EPA pump labeling and downgrading facts for ULSD supplier
and fleet compliance.

With certain exceptions, the EPA’s ULSD regulations require retailers and operators of fleet fueling facilities to label diesel fuel pumps with specific language identifying the type of fuel being dispensed.

Results of the consortium ULSD surveys, September 2006 through the Third Quarter 2011

It is recommended that facility owners/operators implement a simple and routine set of management and housekeeping practices to monitor and minimize fuel quality and fuel system issues.

Guidance for Underground Storage Tank Management at ULSD Dispensing Facilities 8-16-10

In addition, diesel fuel designated as ULSD must remain ULSD (15 ppm sulfur content) throughout the distribution system, with certain exceptions. The EPA Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Labeling and Downgrading Fact Sheet provides information that describes the pump labeling requirements and how downgrading provisions affect tank truck carriers, retailers and fleet fuel facilities, as well as the potential consequences of failing to comply with the regulations.

Also, the Clean Diesel Fuel Alliance PowerPoint® presentation on ULSD Downgrading provides an overview of downgrading provisions, regulations, compliance dates, recordkeeping, examples, kerosene blending, and penalties.

EPA Winterization Standards Letter 11-30-07
Approved Alternative Product Transfer Wording 6-22-06
Approved Alternative Product Transfer Wording and Language Correction 7-20-07
Approval of Alternative Product Transfer Document Language for Heating Oil 10-10-07
Approved Product Transfer Document Language for Undyed 500 ppm NR Diesel and Undyed 500 ppm LM Diesel 5-4-10

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