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Major benefits from Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel with diesel engine and vehicle advances.

ULSD fuel enables the use of cleaner technology diesel engines and vehicles, resulting in significantly improved air quality.

Annual emission reductions will be equivalent to removing the pollution from more than 90 percent of today’s trucks and buses, when the current heavy-duty vehicle fleet has been completely replaced in 2030.

Tests completed by EPA, the California Air Resources Board, engine manufacturers and others show that using the advanced emissions control devices enabled by the use of ULSD fuel reduces emissions of hydrocarbons and oxides
of nitrogen (precursors of ozone), as well as particulate matter to near-zero levels.

EPA studies conclude that ozone and particulate matter cause a range of health problems, including those related to breathing, with children and the elderly among those most at risk. EPA estimates that there are significant health benefits associated with this program.

As an additional environmental benefit, ULSD fuel enables diesel-powered passenger cars and light trucks to meet the same stringent emissions standards as gasoline vehicles. Diesel-powered vehicles tend to be more fuel efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles.

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